Residential & Commercial

Keeping your lawns, gardens, parks, subdivisions, sports fields and golf courses looking green and lush is what we do best.

We’re also experts at improving water quality so it’s safe to drink and use.

We help a wide variety of residential and commercial clients around New Zealand to use their water as efficiently and effectively as possible.

WaterForce offers custom-design solutions for your individual needs, and will supply the best quality products and equipment for the job.

Download our Home Irrigation Planning Guide to get started.


Golf Courses

Golfers expect nothing less than excellent playing conditions all year round. This poses a big challenge for golf course superintendents and their staff who must manage and maintain vast areas of land.

Severe weather conditions including heavy rain, droughts, humidity and high winds all impact on the grass quality and growth on golf courses and greens.

The challenge is to design an irrigation system which provides high distribution uniformity.

To achieve the best results, our team of irrigation experts take a number of factors into account during the design process including:

  • Understanding your landscape details
  • Considering plant requirements
  • Water supply
  • Application methods
  • Distribution uniformity
  • Zone optimisation
  • Control systems & sensors
  • Plans & specifications

We supply the new Hunter G885 rotors which provide a superior result for New Zealand golf courses. Their precise distribution of water (even during windy conditions), delivers higher turf quality on and around the greens, and will increase the consistency of your playing conditions. Hunter’s efficient golf rotor and nozzle options will also use up to 30% less water compared to other sprinklers.

We look forward to working with you to find the best solution for your irrigation needs and ensure your golf course remains in top condition all year round.

Parks & Sports Fields

Public parks, reserves and sports fields need to be irrigated properly to achieve even grass growth and provide a safe surface for people to play sports and enjoy other recreational activities.

A well-designed irrigation system will ensure water is applied at the correct rate to suit your local conditions and no brown ‘dead’ patches develop.

A user-friendly operating system and reliable irrigation equipment are also important factors, and we will design the best irrigation system to suit your landscape, surface use, soil type and climatic conditions.

WaterForce only supplies high-quality, genuine parts which will allow your irrigation system to run in optimal condition and achieve its maximum lifespan.

If you experience any technical breakdowns, our team of fully-trained service technicians are on call 24/7, 365 days a year to quickly and efficiently get you up and running again.

Home Lawn & Garden

WaterForce custom-designs irrigation systems to suit your landscape and environmental conditions.

Our team of home irrigation experts understand the intricacies involved in designing an irrigation system and specialise in custom solutions for gardens of all shapes and sizes, from basic to state-of-the-art systems.

Installing an irrigation system through WaterForce will help you achieve:

Water Efficiency
Ensuring your garden receives exactly the right amount of water.


Complete Automation
Your system will run by itself, freeing up more time to enjoy your garden.


The correct sprinkler placement, ensuring your entire garden stays green and healthy.


To get started, we’ll first understand what you’re garden needs. This will include an assessment on  your landscape, budget, time frame, water availability, volumes and pressures. We can then work with you, or your landscape architect, to design an irrigation system to help your garden flourish, as it should. We can supply all the equipment you need to do it yourself, or we can fully or partially install it for you.

Commercial Landscapes

Gardens surrounding commercial and industrial premises need as much care and attention as home gardens do, but keeping everything watered sufficiently can pose a big challenge (especially in summer).

Installing a well-designed irrigation system is often the best solution for large scale gardens to reduce the labour required to maintain plants and lawns.

We also help property developers and landscapers set up irrigation systems for new subdivisions, to ensure grass berms, trees and other plants continue to look lush and thrive.

To achieve the best results, our team of commercial irrigation experts take a number of factors into account including: your landscape details, plant requirements, water supply, application methods, distribution uniformity, zone optimization, control systems and sensors, plans and specifications.

We have a moral and social responsibility to protect our natural resources including water by following good design principles. WaterForce adheres to industry standards such as the NZ Irrigation Code of Practice and the New Zealand building regulations (1992) for backflow requirement. All of our components are manufactured to the standards required.

Together we have decades of experience designing and installing irrigation systems for commercial gardens and subdivisions. We understand the complexity of the issues involved and will ensure your irrigation system performs as expected.

We specialise in creating custom solutions for individual properties and will ask the right questions before we sell you anything.

Drawing on our expertise will ultimately help your landscape thrive.