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Can we use our old pump to operate a 'low application rate' travelling irrigator or pod system?

Possibly. WaterForce can check your pump’s performance and compare this to your new system’s requirements. If it’s up to the job, it can certainly be used. If not, we’ll suggest it’s redeployed elsewhere on the farm.

Can WaterForce design a system that involves minimal labour input, low running costs and is simple to use and maintain?

Yes. In fact simple is often the best. We constantly review how our designs and systems operate to see if they can be improved or if running costs can be reduced even further.

Can I pump raw dairy effluent through pods?

Farms usually require some solids settling or separation before effluent can be applied through pod irrigation. In our experience even larger pods and nozzles will block without some solids separation. We will sample your effluent and send it to a lab for analysis before providing specific advice.

Can we pump effluent into our irrigation system?

Potentially yes but there are issues to consider and possible consent limitations to adhere to. In particular, the risk of effluent back-flow into freshwater needs to be understood and managed. Solids removal and filtration will also be required to ensure your irrigation system doesn’t get blocked up.

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