GPS & Your Farm




Global Positioning Systems (GPS) have had a big impact on the farming industry. By using a group of satellites to act as reference points, you can accurately identify the location of your pivot or linear systems and guide your irrigation equipment safely and accurately through the field.

We offer two GPS products to enhance your irrigation operation and make life easier.


GPS Pivot Position

GPS Pivot (and Linear) Position will report your pivot or linear location back to the Valley control panels for accurate control of in-field items like end gun control, VRI, and sector programming.

Using Valley’s Power Line Carrier (PLC) technology, a Garmin GPS unit at the end of the pivot (or linear cart) will provide accurate GPS locations back to the pivot panel without the need for additional cabling.

This is ideal for any farm looking to improve accuracy around pivot location controls, as it’s more precise than traditional resolver/encoder-based technologies. It provides advanced back-up options in case the GPS signal drops out, and can be retrofitted to your existing pivots.


GPS Pivot & Linear Guidance

Accurately steer your irrigation machines around your field for the most precise application of water and nutrients. This GPS technology replaces the need for Below Ground Guidance (BGG) and traditional furrow guidance hardware.

Using receivers from Trimble (a leading brand of GPS technology), you can set your machine on a specific path designed by your WaterForce technician to suit each individual field.

It will allow you to install corner or linear irrigation equipment where it used to be too difficult or expensive to do so. GPS guidance is ideal when ground conditions are unsuitable for installing below ground guidance cables (such as stony soil), or if other infrastructure or existing mainlines are in the way. This guidance system is quick to install, offers less on-site disruption, and isn’t prone to interference from overhead power lines (unlike some other brands of guidance equipment).

Designed by Valley using their proven hardware and Trimble’s guidance receivers, this GPS system can easily be retrofitted to your existing pivots and is stocked and supported by our WaterForce technicians.