Your irrigation, stock water, pumping, effluent and water treatment equipment represents a significant financial investment for your business – so it’s important to protect that investment by properly maintaining your equipment.

Regular maintenance has been shown to reduce breakdown repair costs by over 10% per annum. When you factor in lost productivity costs also, a good maintenance programme is worth its weight in gold.

We know not everyone has the time or expertise to service water and irrigation systems correctly, so WaterForce is happy to take care of these jobs for you. We know exactly what to look for and what tests and checks to run at different times of the year.

While it’s tempting to ignore machinery that isn’t in use during the off season, you do need to store centre pivots, linear irrigators, pumps and other equipment correctly to avoid deterioration.

WaterForce can carry out routine and preventative maintenance on either a casual or formal contract basis which will save you money in the long run and ensure performance longevity. This will help minimise any potential breakdowns and allow you to remain covered by any manufacturer’s guarantees.

We’ll keep track of all your assets in our database and will contact you when servicing is due, so any maintenance you require is done on time without delay.

If anything does go wrong, our experienced WaterForce technicians are available nationwide 24/7 to resolve the problem. We guarantee our design and installation, and will repair any defect in your new equipment.

We also know time is crucial when water is involved so we commit to be on site as soon as possible. Our purpose-built service vehicles operate as mobile workshops and carry all common parts so everything’s on hand.

Under a formal service contract WaterForce will:

  • Respond to any breakdowns within a guaranteed time-frame
  • Offer discounted labour rates
  • Perform regular checks to detect and fix any non-performance issues
  • Change in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines lubricants and other consumable components
  • Update you on any recommended improvements to your system
  • Provide a regular report on your system’s operation
  • Stock components and facilities particular to your system so parts are always available

At WaterForce, we believe our after-sales support and maintenance services are just as important as the equipment and systems we design, supply and install.