Effluent & Waste

Effluent and wastewater are two valuable resources which shouldn’t just disappear down a drain.

By designing effective collection, storage, treatment and dispersal systems, we can use them to maximum effect – whether that’s to increase pasture production, or protect the quality of our rivers, streams and oceans.

WaterForce works with individual clients to assess their effluent or wastewater streams and then design cost-effective solutions.

We supply a wide range of solutions for farmers, municipal authorities, factories, meat works, industrial plants, mining companies, roading contractors and vineyards, amongst others.

Get the most benefit from your effluent or wastewater by contacting WaterForce today.


Farm Effluent

Great pasture requires good effluent management. The average dairy cow produces about $25 worth of nutrients annually – for a herd of 400 cows that’s $10,000 worth of nutrients each and every year.

By harnessing that effluent and dispersing it correctly on your farm, you’ll save money on fertiliser, improve your soil condition, maintain animal health, and assist your compliance.

A well-designed effluent system will also give you control over your application depth and rates. Following our initial site visit, WaterForce will assess your climate, landscape contour and soil water deficit to help prevent nutrient loss via ponding, runoff or leaching into the surrounding environment.

We’ll also assess your current system (if one exists) and ask about your specific farm operation and requirements.

We supply a wide range of pumps, stirrers and separators that are easy to use and will withstand the toughest conditions. We will then design a solution to collect effluent from your dairy shed, feed pad, wintering barn, road underpass and can also include silage leachates.

We can organise full installation on site and help train your staff on how to use your new effluent system to best effect. WaterForce also provides 24/7 after-sales support so you can rest assured help is always available should you need it.

Municipal & Industrial

When dealing with municipal and industrial wastewater, safe distribution is paramount.

Tight regulatory controls and compliance conditions are often in place involving public safety measures like buffer zones and wind drift limitations.

WaterForce has decades of experience in this area and has completed a number of wastewater projects and distribution systems right across New Zealand – from small scale municipal supplies, to dealing with waste generated by dairy factories and meat works. We regularly set up reticulation and water re-use systems for different industrial clients and can help with dust suppression for the mining and roading industries.

We always work to high standards and maintain robust health and safety practices on every site.

In addition to supplying the right equipment for the job, WaterForce offer competitive service contracts to repair and maintain your wastewater system.  

High-level SCADA solutions can also be implemented to work with your existing factory or town control systems. WaterForce will deliver a customised solution to help you keep on top of your reporting and consent requirements.


Producing top-quality wine inevitably means producing wastewater also, which must be handled efficiently and safely.

Most wineries have to comply with strict consent conditions regarding waterwaste quality and is disposal.  It’s important that your wastewater system minimizes labour input and takes account of the soil conditions so wastewater is absorbed effectively.

WaterForce can supply all of the equipment you need to build a land dispersal system (including pumps, filtration, tanks and valves). We can also design and install a distribution system to apply your treated water onto land. This often includes electronic control systems to automate your wastewater application at appropriate flow rates.