Waterforce Products

Municipal & Industrial Waste

When dealing with municipal and industrial wastewater, safe distribution is paramount.
Tight regulatory controls and compliance conditions are often in place involving public safety measures like buffer zones and wind drift limitations.
WaterForce has decades of experience in this area and has completed a number of wastewater projects and distribution systems right across New Zealand – from small scale municipal supplies, to dealing with waste generated by dairy factories and meat works. We regularly set up reticulation and water re-use systems for different industrial clients and can help with dust suppression for the mining and roading industries.
We always work to high standards and maintain robust health and safety practices on every site.
In addition to supplying the right equipment for the job, WaterForce offer competitive service contracts to repair and maintain your wastewater system.  
High-level SCADA solutions can also be implemented to work with your existing factory or town control systems. WaterForce will deliver a customised solution to help you keep on top of your reporting and consent requirements.

Key Features

  • When it comes to pump engineering (design, sales and service) WaterForce would boast of the greatest accumulated experience in NZ. Some staff having over 40 years of industry experience, both in design and/or service of pumps of all types, but particularly end suction and submersible.
  • WaterForce are large enough to boast this amount of experience but also “Nimble” enough to adapt and attend to any challenge.
  • We have gained a huge reputation with Many local Councils, Waste Water Plants, Sewage Treatment plants etc
  • We can often provide a “Turnkey” system which ensures an Efficient supply and install package, thus creating a stress free project for the Specifyer, Engineer etc.
  • Our SCADA, flow, pressure, level, Ph, temperature - Monitoring systems are also part of our complete package.


  • WaterForce have been favoured with a high percentage of the Christchurch City, well Headworks upgrades
  • We have been involved with the Taipu District Council and Selwyn DC with their Waste Distribution through Center Pivots.
  • Again we have worked on many pumping, replacements and upgrades for many District Councils.....