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Can you design, quote, supply and install a particular product and service?

Yes, certainly. Do you have a few minutes so we can get some preliminary details?

Can you fix and service my irrigation, water treatment, filtration and pumping components?

Yes we can service or support all components.

What do I do if I need parts and components?

We have a fully stocked trade store on Battys Road with experienced staff to help you with whatever you need.

I have a letter from the Marlborough District Council (MDC) saying I need to have my water meter logged, what do I need to do?

WaterForce can help you with this from all aspects from the flow meter, logger/telemetry, verification and submission of the data and paperwork to the MDC.

I need to have someone who is accredited in effluent design for a dispersal system. Can you help with that?

Yes. WaterForce is accredited so we can help with that.

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