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Effluent design & installation

By harnessing effluent and dispersing it correctly on your farm, you can significantly increase your pasture production. You’ll ultimately save money on fertiliser, improve your soil condition, maintain animal health, and comply with your council’s rules and resource consent conditions.

A well-designed effluent system will also give you control over your application depth and rates.

WaterForce are an accredited effluent design and installation company. We always strive to produce a design and system that falls well within compliance rules and is suited to your combination of soils and climate.  

We can design and install effective collection, storage, treatment and dispersal systems using a range of quality products including solids separators, stirrers, pumps, reticulation and effluent application options (such as irrigators).

Case Studies

Terra Test


Discover exactly how much water your soil is capable of holding by performing a Terra Test and calculating your results online.

Terra Test Calculator


Once you have conducted your Terra Test, use this online calculator to determine your results.