Irrigation Control Panels

Valley is a leader in centre pivot and linear technologies, offering a wide range of user interfaces for the control and monitoring of your irrigation equipment. Valley offers a range of panels from the Select2 and Pro2 control panels (being phased out during 2017) to the newly released smart touch screen panels called the ICON   range.

The Icon panels continue on the tradition of the Select2 and Pro2 panels, bringing you computer-based panels for accurate control over your pivots, but adding in user functionality through a range of tools, and touch screen technologies. You can create programs, alter irrigation rates and control items like end guns and fertigation pumps.  Advanced fault finding and client support functions are also available. They are designed to suit the New Zealand market and are compatible with our SCADAfarm telemetry system.  Learn more about SCADAfarm.

These panels also offer a range of add-on options like VRI, tyre pressure monitoring and wide boundary controls.

Valley Icon 10

Intuitive control, dynamic display - The ICON10 features the largest touch screen in the new ICON line with a 10 inch, full-colour touch display, so you can view and control more right from your screen. The easy-to-use display makes monitoring and controlling every aspect of your pivot simple. It’s similar to using the touch screen on your smart tablet, but now it’s on your pivot

Valley Icon 5

Total pivot control at your fingertips - The Valley® ICON5 puts all your menu functions at your fingertips. With simple, easy, soft touch buttons and a touch screen interface, you can control your center pivot with precision. The ICON5 gives you robust technology in a compact screen. With ICON5, growers capture the same benefits as the flagship ICON10, but in a 5 inch screen.



Valley Icon 1

With Valley® ICON1, full control of your smart panel is accessed via a remote device using the ICON app via a built-in Wi-Fi signal that delivers localised management to the edge of the field. The Valley ICON1 is the perfect choice for growers who want full ICON panel control and functionality, but don’t want to go out to the pivot point to use it. The panel module features only three soft touch buttons – Start Forward, Stop, and Start Reverse.



Valley Select2

Select2 is Valley’s mid-level, durable, fully-computerised pivot control panel. It’s easy to use and programme, with a clear push button-style display and visual fault codes to identify any on-site issues.

Features include VRI Speed control programming, end gun control, stop-in-slot, auto-reverse, pivot position reporting, field sector controls (which allow you to change the application rate for varying crops) and special field diagnostics that will reduce your downtime. It’s also GPS ready and enabled for GPS position.

Valley Pro2

This is Valley’s top-of-the-line computerised pivot and linear control panel, and is the preferred panel used by New Zealand farmers everywhere.

The Pro2 gives you the ability to programme key items like speed, direction and time, with multiple programmes able to run over the top of one another for a complete season programmable panel.

It features high-level fault finding and fault logging for on-farm support, and is fully compatible with SCADAfarm, VRI iS and VRI Zone products.

Use the Pro2 to precisely apply water, fertilisers and other chemicals, and the flow meter option to help track your overall water use. Other features include programmable functions based on time, date and position, a backlit screen display plus advanced sensory and auxiliary functions. It’s also GPS ready and enabled for GPS position.


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