Stock Water

Stock water is essential for all farming livestock and directly effects their health and your farm’s productivity.

WaterForce can help you source the right amount of water required on your farm and reticulate it to where it’s needed.  We’ll help you select a suitable and reliable energy source for pumping stock water, improve the water quality if necessary, and ensure adequate volumes and flow rates are maintained to your stock in every paddock on the farm.

WaterForce has vast experience in designing stock water systems. We carry out GPS surveys and produce CAD layouts including hydraulic design. It’s important to choose the correct pipe type, pipe size and pressure rating for the job at hand, and select quality pipe fittings, isolation valves and trough valves so your new system operates reliably.

It’s also worth future-proofing your stock water system in case your farm use changes from sheep to dairy, for example. Dairy farms require more stock water and hence a different stock water design system. Typically, a stock water system would last for 50+ years so thinking about future property requirements will often be a good investment.

We only supply stock water products from quality brands and leading manufacturers. Our range includes: tanks, troughs, pumps, engines, generators, filtration, MDPE and LDPE pipes, fittings, isolation valves, trough valves and air valves.

Check out our WaterForce Winton and Gore flyer on Stockwater here

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Stock water issues on your farm?  Whether it be a design for a new development, adding to or updating your existing system, WaterForce has an expert design team that can help you with a scheme tailor-made for your farm requirements.