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Know exactly how much water you have left!

Water Vision is the most innovative water management system on the market.  Water Vision will learn your usage, tell you how many days of water you have remaining and will warn you when you have a leak or have left water running.  Water Vision uses a wireless RF mesh network, is very easy to install and very simple to use.

The names of the tanks and pumps can be customised to ensure you know which tank or pump you are looking at or controlling.  All tanks have "user settable" low days remaining alerts and low/high level alerts.

The system can be expanded to have up to 12 solar powered tanks and allow you to control/automate up to 8 pumps, based on tank levels or times.  Manual control is also possible.

Mobile apps are available for Android and Applie iPhone/iPad devices.  View all of your tanks and pumps and control pumps, from anywhere in the world.

Key Features

Starter kit details below:

Comes with a touch colour desktop display unit, solar powered wireless tank unit (TLS2001) and everything needed to wirelessly monitor one tank's level. Just turn on the solar tank unit and plug in the desktop display unit to start monitoring the level of the tank. No complex user setup is required. Also comes with a comprehensive printed manual, which includes installation instructions.

* Built in Wi-Fi with cloud access and apps for Android and Apple iPhone/iPad
* User settable tank and pump names
* Days remaining
* Leak alert in as little as 5 minutes
* Only requires a 5mm hole in the tank, near the hatch
* Over the air updates (always have the latest version)
* Rigorous ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004 certified quality control
* Two year warranty
* Free Water Vision Cap (white)

Up to 16 tanks and 12 pumps/devices can be used on a system. Additional tank units and pump/device units are available separately.

The system can still be used without the cloud mobile subscription.

The first year of cloud mobile access is free. You can subscribe now for two years of cloud/mobile access, at a reduced price of just $19.95, or extend your subscription later (see below).


The most advanced solar powered wireless smart water tank level system with mobile apps for Android and Apple, near unlimited range with active repeaters and active tanks, accurate days remaining based on learned usage, and a leak detection alert in as little as 5 minutes!
Designed and Manufactured in New Zealand
The Water Vision wireless water tank level monitoring system has been designed for home and farm use. If required, it can be expanded to monitor 16 tanks and to control 12 pumps. It can alert you about a leak in as little as 5 minutes, it has user settable tank and pump names, and for the first time ever, it can optionally be monitored from your mobile devices, using the Android and Apple apps. And Water Vision is very easy to install and to use.