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Water Treatment Options

Water quality issues can arise due to many factors such as the presence of iron / manganese, hard water, low PH levels, bacteria (such as e-coli, cryptosporidium, and giardia), sediment, tannins and nitrites, among other things.

Aside from making the water unsafe to drink, poor water quality can also affect the taste and odour, create issues inside pipes and hot water cylinders, affect porcelain surfaces and stain clothes.

Whether you live on a rural property and draw water from an underground bore, or you’re a small community or commercial business who needs to guarantee a safe supply of drinking water, WaterForce can help.

When looking to resolve these issues, we will always consider whether an alternative water supply is available or if water treatment is the best approach. It’s also essential to have a water test carried out before any major solutions are recommended.

WaterForce can provide all types of water treatment options, ranging from under bench filters for your home, to fully automated systems suitable for treating the water supply in small communities.

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Case Studies

Terra Test


Discover exactly how much water your soil is capable of holding by performing a Terra Test and calculating your results online.

Terra Test Calculator


Once you have conducted your Terra Test, use this online calculator to determine your results.