Waterforce Products

Iron & Manganese Removal

Iron and manganese are metals which often occur together in ground water and can block your pipes, cause orange or brown stains on clothes and porcelain surfaces, and affect the appearance and taste of your drinking water. 

Water softeners are often used to tackle this issue but if high concentrations are present, a specific water treatment solution will need to be designed.

WaterForce will visit your home, farm, business or small community and conduct a comprehensive water test before providing a written proposal with suggested solutions.

Key Features

  • Removing these metallic elements will reduce the build-up of scale in your pipes so you can achieve maximum water pressure and flow through your taps.
  • It will also protect your hot water cylinder from damage so it can heat your water as efficiently as possible.
  • Removing iron and manganese will make cleaning easier and prevent your clothes, sinks and bath surfaces from becoming stained.