Terra Test Soil Profile

To make sound irrigation decisions, it’s important to know what your soil profile is.

WaterForce’s Terra Test will calculate the percentage of gravel in your soil and the ratio of clay, silt and sand. These factors, combined with the depth of your plant roots and topsoil, will reveal what your soil water holding capacity is and approximately how many days your soil will store moisture for.

By taking multiple samples, you can quickly build farm-wide soil profiles. This will help optimise your water use, maximise production, reduce runoff and leaching, and better manage problem areas. It will also help you select the best irrigation equipment for your farm, and influence the timing and frequency of your irrigation.

A Terra Test will take approximately 48 hours to perform. Once you have used this online calculator to determine your results, WaterForce can help you take the next steps to improve your irrigation system.

To get started, contact your local branch and order your Terra Test kit today.

To download the Terra Test Instruction Guide please click here

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