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Water Filters

Filtration is a key step before UV sterilisation can be successfully carried out. It removes unwanted contaminates and provides clean water that can then be sterilised to kill any remaining bugs.

Filtration will improve the quality of your drinking water, taste and odour, and is often used to deal with the presence of iron / manganese, hard water, low PH levels, sediment, tannins and nitrites.

It is essential to have a water test before any major solutions are recommended.

WaterForce can provide a range of different size products that can filter out water contaminants down to as fine as 0.5 micron. We have filters that will sit neatly under your kitchen bench at home as well as fully automated systems suitable for treating the water supply in small communities.

Is your drinking water tasting like you are drinking out of the swimming pool?

Do you want to get rid of that odor?  That taste? 

If your current water supply is leaving a foul taste in your mouth, there's a simple solution, call WaterForce, the water filtration experts.  From a single tap filter through to a whole house filtration system and it costs much less than you'd think. 

Call 0800 436 723 or call into your local WaterForce Branch today to get expert advice.

Key Features

  • Multiple degrees of filtration are available ranging from 20 microns+ down to 0.5 micron, giving you plenty of choice and flexibility.
  • Some filters can be cleaned and re-used (filtering to 20 microns+) while others can be conveniently and easily replaced when they become blocked.