Waterforce Products

Effluent Irrigation Pumps

WaterForce can supply all types of irrigation equipment to help disperse effluent onto your land and recycle nutrients to promote pasture growth.

We can help you choose whether pivots, linear irrigators, travelling irrigators, fixed sprinklers, or shiftable sprinklers are the best option for your needs. Your desired application rate, paddock size, terrain and the level of solids present will all be determining factors.

Together we can design and install a suitable effluent irrigation system that will meet your consent requirements and be able to handle the level of solids in the liquid you’re distributing.

Key Features

  • Irrigation allows you to recycle nutrients on your farm to improve soil condition, promote pasture and crop growth, save money on fertilizer and maintain animal health.
  • Effluent dispersal helps promote sustainable farming practices and environmental responsibility.