Waterforce Products


Great pasture requires good effluent management. The average dairy cow produces about $25 worth of nutrients annually – for a herd of 400 cows that’s $10,000 worth of nutrients each and every year.
By harnessing that effluent and dispersing it correctly on your farm, you’ll save money on fertiliser, improve your soil condition, maintain animal health, and assist your compliance.
A well-designed effluent system will also give you control over your application depth and rates. Following our initial site visit, WaterForce will assess your climate, landscape contour and soil water deficit to help prevent nutrient loss via ponding, runoff or leaching into the surrounding environment.
We’ll also assess your current system (if one exists) and ask about your specific farm operation and requirements.
We supply a wide range of pumps, stirrers and separators that are easy to use and will withstand the toughest conditions. We will then design a solution to collect effluent from your dairy shed, feed pad, wintering barn, road underpass and can also include silage leachates.
We can organise full installation on site and help train your staff on how to use your new effluent system to best effect. WaterForce also provides 24/7 after-sales support so you can rest assured help is always available should you need it.


Key Features

  • WaterForce is one of only three Irrigation Companies, who have also attained the Irrigation NZ (Irrigation NZ) Effluent Design Accreditation – This means you can be assured of a design that complies with the INZ Code of Practice, and/or at least be fully informed of any areas where the design does not comply.
  • The greatest Factor in designing an effluent system is –Experience – and that is one area WaterForce can boast. With over 250 specialist staff, (some with over 40 years experience), spread geographically throughout NZ, there is a huge pool of experience and gained expertise to draw from (and generally experience counts....with Effluent dispersal)
  • We have a host of experience in distributing effluent and waste via center pivots, be it through low flow direct injection or underslung.
  • We have invested significantly in a self contained pumping system including Progressive Cavity Pump, Variable Speed Drive, flow metering, level monitoring, alarm systems and integration via SCADA


  • As mentioned we have gained experience with Abattoir waste dispersal, including the monitoring and communication of data, faults etc, through SCADAFarm
  • WaterForce have close repore with many significant waste water and effluent projects, including – Fontera, Taupo District Council, Selwyn District Council, Oceania Dairy, Mountain River Processes, ANZCO, to name a few.