Waterforce Products

K-line & Pod irrigation

WaterForce can supply and install two types of shiftable irrigation systems on your property.

The first system is a shiftable K-Line system using an impact sprinkler mounted in a pod on a flexible pipeline. This is ideal for pasture, orchards, golf course fairways and sports fields.

The second system is a long-line type system using a larger impact sprinkler and mounted on a single pod or on a galvanised sprinkler stand. This is ideal for pasture, odd shaped areas (ie pivot corners), and steeper country.

Key Features

Features and benefits of K-Line irrigation include:

  • Very low application rates will minimise run-off, allowing good opportunity for soil moisture absorption. This is a good irrigation option for heavy soils and slopes.
  • It is suitable for effluent and dirty water dispersal to return nutrients to your soil.
  • Can control where water is applied so it’s not wasted on farm races and tracks.
  • Low to medium energy operation to keep running costs under control.
  • Able to irrigate irregularly shaped paddocks as well as undulations and relatively steep hills, providing a versatile solution.
  • Can be designed with pressure regulation to ensure accurate operating pressures even with big changes in elevations.
  • System can be installed by the customer for ease.
  • Any breakages will only affect a very small part of the irrigated area and can be easily repaired by the operator.
  • Replacement parts are easily accessible to minimise any disruption or downtime.

Features and benefits of Long Line Irrigation:

  • All the features of a K-Line system but with the additional benefit of:
    • Higher quality sprinklers are used which generally last longer.
    • Can be easier to shift on steeper terrain.
    • Easier to position for awkwardly-shaped fields.


Key consideration of K-Line irrigation include:

  • There is a greater risk of poor uniformity due to operator error when shifting, incorrect sprinkler choice, incorrect spacing and pressures.
  • Poor designs can reduce production due to long return periods.
  • Suitable only for low crops (ie pasture).
  • Hard wearing and requires a 4-wheel bike (or similar) to shift the system.
  • Intensive labour input required to shift this system.
  • System generally cannot be upgraded to a higher uniform irrigator like pivots because the mainline system is spread across the farm and generally smaller in size.

Key consideration of Long Line Irrigation:

  • This system poses an even greater risk of poor uniformity due to operator error in shifting patterns.
  • Suitable only for low crops (ie pasture).
  • Requires labour and a motorbike to shift each sprinkler.