Waterforce Products

Micro & Mini Sprinklers

WaterForce stocks a wide range of leading micro-irrigation products.

These sprinkler systems are ideal for irrigating pip fruit and stone fruit orchards, greenhouses, propagation, olive groves, vineyards, vegetables gardens, landscapes and effluent water dispersal. They can also be used for frost protection in winter and evaporative cooling in summer to help protect fruit from intense heat.

Micro and mini sprinklers can be fully automated and use very little power to run. They’re a great way to apply a light application of water or nutrients to the plant root zone and allow oxygen to enter the soil in the process. You can irrigate your crops or garden with a high level of uniformity and match your application rate to your soil type. These sprinklers can also be easily checked for any blockages and nozzles can be accessed for cleaning.

Micro-sprinkler technology includes components such as sprays, sprinklers, rotators, wobblers, pressure and non-pressure compensating, non-drain devices, and pressure regulation

Key Features

  • Applies very light applications of water specifically to the plant root zone to help conserve water.
  • Light application rate allows oxygen plenty of opportunity to enter the soil with the water.
  • High individual uniformity also helps conserve water.
  • Fully automated so these systems require very little labour input.
  • Uses very low energy so you will save on power consumption.
  • System application can be matched to soil type and/or automated with soil moisture tools for maximum precision.
  • Allows nutrients to be easily introduced to the root zone to promote ideal growth.
  • Sprinklers can be easily checked for blockages and nozzles accessed for cleaning.


  • Fine nozzles require fine filtration to prevent particle blockages and sometimes chemical treatment is required to reduce scaling in nozzles or pipelines.
  • Micro-sprinklers can be subject to mechanical damage.