Waterforce Products

Pop-up Sprinklers

Sprinklers that hide beneath the ground and ‘pop-up’ when you want to irrigate are a popular option for home lawns and garden, sports fields (including natural and synthetic turf), golf clubs, school grounds and public parks.

These systems can be automated and allow you to irrigate at night and have the equipment remain out of sight during the day – improving aesthetics and reducing the potential for vandalism. Other garden or field maintenance can be carried out without having to shift irrigation equipment and you can water your grass uniformly, saving water in the process.

Pop-up systems have a long life and require very little maintenance.

WaterForce stock leading brands of pop-up sprinklers and accessories. Different heights (100mm – 300m), radiuses and flow rates are available to suit different situations.

At WaterForce we will help you design an efficient system to suit almost every shape or area, and our latest nozzle and stream control technology will ensure your sprinklers have a ‘matched’ precipitation rate across your area. Get in touch with us today to get the results you’re after.

Key Features

  • Underground location allows you to: maintain grass without having to remove or shift irrigation equipment; minimises the risk of injury to players on sports fields; reduces potential vandalism.
  • Equipment is hidden, providing great aesthetics and adding value to landscapes.
  • Can deliver high uniformity to help you save water.
  • Systems can be easily automated so irrigation can take place at night – ideal for golf clubs, sports fields and school grounds that are in use during the day.
  • Low maintenance systems which have a long life.


  • Cost can be high compared to basic garden sprinklers which need to be shifted by hand (but the benefits are worth it).
  • Pop-up sprinkler systems should be designed by a specialist company like WaterForce as modifications can be expensive.