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2019 Seasonal Pivot Servicing

7 May 2019

2019 Seasonal Pivot Servicing

Pivot Service - It's not just an Oil Change!

WaterForce aims to add value to our growers through preventative maintenance, our annual service is more than just an oil change.

Our core aims include

  1. Reducing downtime - preventative maintenance can reduce the in-season downtime.

  2. Reduce your “whole of life cost” - with preventative maintenance, and focused maintenance plans we want to work with growers to ensure we are keeping the machine in a good running order, which reduces in season and weekend call outs, reducing the overall whole of life cost of the equipment.

  3. Ensure the equipment is electrically and mechanically safe and identify and remedy any issues which could cause harm to staff or stock.

  4. Offer new technology and products to help you produce more for less!

What we offer:

  1. Full pivot service - A full electrical and mechanical review of the pivot: this is an 80+ point check and review of the pivot or linear system from wheels up by our specialist staff. This includes qualified electrical technicians ensuring your system is compliant.

  2. Check-check-change - Using only genuine Valley lubricants we have been running our “check-check-change” system for the past couple of seasons, this means a full oil change every third* year, providing the oil level and quantity is checked every year. The Valley lube is superior to anything we have seen being used in New Zealand, it does a great job of separating water from the oil, as well as functions well throughout the wide temperature range the wheel gearboxes operate through (these get up to 90 degrees Celsius or greater )

    *We see approx. 10% of lube replaced more often than annually, this can be for several reasons. We also replace oil annually on Corner and Heavy-duty drive units.

  3. Wet checks, and bucket testing – Often Servicing is occurring during winter; however wet checks can be completed on request when you have water available- discuss your sprinkler pack condition with your local service or sales team. Bucket testing is only available through some branches but please make contact if you want assistance with anything sprinkler pack related.

  4. Upgrades and future proofing - As part of our service offer if you want to discuss any concerns with your system, now is a great time to chat to your service team, or your sales and design engineer.

  5. Winterisation - if you are in a frost prone area, our service teams are happy to assist in winterisation procedures.

Popular upgrades over the last season

  • End flush systems; We have a range of end flush systems to automatically or manually flush silt from the end of your system.  One example is the Nelson purge valve:

  • Wheel track upgrades - We have options to assist in wheel track management from sprinkler options, and remote span drains through to tyre selections and upgrades to Valley VRI.

  • Auto greasers- We have auto grease options for the pivot centre points. Keeping centre points greased is critical for consistent operation- especially in older panels without GPS location systems.

  • Sprinkler pack updates - with machines aging and changes in water source/ supply, sprinkler pack updates have been very popular. WaterForce makes up sprinkler packs in New Zealand, with packs available from Nelson, Senninger, and Komet. Our design teams happy to discuss options to suit your system.

  • Mixed fleet upgrades - We have many growers with mixed brand pivot irrigators, and we can happily adapt our Valley servicing to help get the most out of most brands of irrigator. We also have a range of “bolt on” upgrade packages to assist the growers on the ground from technology offerings like the ICON X with SCADAfarm or Agsense, through to full machine overhaul options. We also stock competitive gearboxes in both Valley brand US built to suit most machines, as well as the lower cost VS-7000 gearboxes.