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Valley ICON X Get Your Whole Fleet On The Same Page

11 February 2019

Valley ICON X Get Your Whole Fleet On The Same Page
In 2017 Valley released the ICON range of full touch screen control panels to replace the Select and Pro units.  These have quickly become a welcome tool for our clients.
They feature easy to view touch screens and simple to navigate menus.  This, combined with the connectivity of SCADAfarm, allows users to easily and quickly access the power of the ICON panel.

ICON’s simple interface and customisable features make pivot control easier and smarter than ever
The ICON X is the industry’s first - and only - control panel designed to convert existing panels and non-Valley panels to the latest hardware and user functionality without compromise!
Upgrading to the ICON X brings many benefits to all users:
  • All your pivots can now easily be on the same page to help with Health and Safety
  • Handling of different technologies is streamlined on farm
  • The value of your irrigation is improved though the easy to use ICON features – Variable Rate Irrigation Sector Control, Easy Sector, Step Programming, and Cruise Control
  • The ICON X is a compatible upgrade to almost all existing brands of pivot control panel
  • It gives users direct access to the features of the Valley ICON series of control panels – simple updating to GPS location systems, and ease of use and programming with touch screen controls
Contact your WaterForce Sales Team to discuss updating your fleet to the ICON range of Pivot panels today - we are offering specials on ICON X panels sold through February and March.

WaterForce has partnered with Ocmis Irrigation for many years

Every year we indent a comprehensive range of machines for clients’ specific needs, and we hold a big range of stock.

The Ocmis range starts with the “lifestyle” focused Micro Rain products.  These units with hose diameters of 40mm/50mm/63mm are suited for flows of one to seven litres per second.

Larger units with hose diameters of up to 125mm can deliver upwards of 30 litres per second.

Ocmis machines have served a wide range of growers in New Zealand well; and have irrigated all kinds of crop types across the country.  Applications are as varied as growing blackcurrants, racecourse watering, dust suppression, and filling in corners around pivot irrigators.

The Ocmis range has a machine for most situations.  With its easy to use controls, the systems can be tailored to suit your existing irrigation, or a system can be designed for you from scratch.

We have a wide range of machines available in stock now.

Most sizes are covered - from the smallest 40mm x 130m long Micro Rain machines, up to several 110mm x 400 and 125mm x 420mm units.

Talk to your sales team for specials on this season’s stock.