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Why Update Your Sprinkler Pack?

11 September 2020

Why Update Your Sprinkler Pack?

Pivot Sprinkler packs age - the pivot carries the water; the sprinkler pack does most of the work.

Regulators, nozzles, and the sprinklers themselves should all be considered “wearing parts” and by the time you see the issues in the field its often too late.

Sprinkler and regulator lifespans vary greatly depending on the water quality, silts in the water and any additional products being applied by the pivot like effluent or fertigation.

Sprinkler pack updates can be produced and installed by the WaterForce team at any point in the season and will give you direct results on the ground.

Talk to one of our design engineers about your sprinkler pack today - contact us through this page and receive and additional discount on any full sprinkler pack replacement.