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Which ICON Smart Panel is the Best Irrigation Management Tool for You?

17 March 2017

Which ICON Smart Panel is the Best Irrigation Management Tool for You?

Valley® ICON™ - four completely new smart irrigation panels from The Leader in Precision Irrigation®. All four panels ship ready to connect to  AgSense® or BaseStation3™, and they all have the same extensive feature set.

"So, why are there four  new panels?"

Valley engineered four new smart panels because we recognize that no two growers are alike. We asked farmers what they wanted from a new irrigation management tool, and then we listened to what they had to say. Each ICON smart panel has been specifically designed to fit these varying needs.

Which ICON smart irrigation panel is the panel for you? Here are some key features about each of the panels to help you decide. 



Valley ICON10


The ICON10 is the flagship ICON panel. It comes with a 10-inch, full-color touchscreen display that gives you all the space you need to utilize its intuitive menu. It’s similar to using the touchscreen on your mobile device, but now it’s on your center pivot. The ICON10 also has optional Edge-of-Field WiFi, enabling you to connect to and control your pivot via a local WiFi signal built right into the panel.




Valley ICON5

The ICON5 has the same feature set as the ICON10, but it’s tucked inside a 5-inch, full-color touchscreen display. A unique feature of the ICON5 is the inclusion of soft-touch buttons around the outer edge of the screen, making it easier to use with gloves or dirty fingers. The mixture of touchscreen and button controls make the ICON5 a great panel if you are not quite sure you are ready for a full, no-button touchscreen panel.



Valley ICON1

Think of the ICON1 panel as the ICON10’s geeky little brother. This panel comes with the heart and brains of the ICON10, but without the touchscreen display. In fact, the ICON1 only includes three control buttons on the panel itself: start forward, stop and start in reverse. The ICON1 is controlled exclusively through a remote interface. It’s the perfect choice for growers who want full ICON panel control and functionality, but don’t want to go out to the pivot point to use it. Using the revolutionary Edge-of-Field WiFi feature, you get all the same intuitive control that the ICON10 offers, but on your mobile device.



Valley ICONX 

The ICONX is the industry’s first, and only, control panel designed to convert existing panels and non-Valley panels to full ICON touch control. This panel sports the same 5-inch, full-color touchscreen display and soft-touch buttons as the ICON5. The built-in AgSense ICON Link and Valley GPS Position make the ICONX the perfect solution to affordably upgrade nearly any major brand of pivot you own to the unparalleled capabilities of Valley ICON control and connectivity.

Don’t let the decision stress you out, though. No matter what ICON smart panel you choose, you can be sure that you will gain more control and simplify the workload of irrigation management.

Article from the Valley Irrigation blog: 'Growing the conversation' written by John Campbell.

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