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Valley VRI is Operational in New Zealand

16 February 2012

With the release mid 2011 of the Valley Variable Rate Irrigation System, WaterForce has been working with clients towards improved water usage and efficiencies through the use of this technology in the 2011/2012 season. 

Although it is early days for the product range in New Zealand, WaterForce is please to have five systems up and running around the country all to service slightly different system requirements.

VRI Technology has been around in the irrigation market for several years in different formats and the Valley system is the culmination of various technologies but packaged in their typically robust and reliable fashion - good equipment supplied with life span and productivity in mind. 

Variable rate technology has many applications in the New Zealand arable and dairy irrigation markets and this years crop of clients is a great example of that.  From high intensity cropping applications where the aim is to make better use of water over varied soil types to maximise higher yields, dairy farming applications where the aim is to reduce water over the stock traffic areas to reduce animal health issues caused by long walks to dairy sheds on wet tracks, and environmental applications where clients want to reduce water and/or remove effluent applications on low lying land which has higher drainage levels to the local water ways. 

Variable rate technology has come along way in the past few years and WaterForce sees it as a market which will expand and grow, part of the key is good information and data about what the aims of the system are, and continued evolution of the utilisation of the product on each individual site - its not a 'silver bullet' by any means but rather another effective farming tool which allows us to continue to improve our market sector.

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