Waterforce Products

Travelling irrigators

These systems require higher pressure and more labour input than pivots, and can cost more to run. But the benefit is they fit odd-shaped areas and allow trees and existing infrastructure to remain in place. They can be used for both irrigation and effluent application.

Key Features

  • Accurate, uniform application
  • Low operating pressures
  • Robust Construction
  • Fully galvanised
  • One person can open or fold the boom in just a few minutes
  • Choice of pressure regulated spray jets, rotators or sprinklers to give optimum droplet size for the type, or stage of crop under production
  • Ball valve control on all sprinklers outlets enable sections to be shut off to suit irrigation requirements and allows individual nozzle to be unblocked if necessary


  • WaterForce mounted booms are efficient, tough, reliable and surprisingly versatile.  Tried and tested in New Zealand over the last ten years, WaterForce booms are built to perform and have a unique feature - completely self supporting for folding and unfolding with no lifting or carrying required.
  • Using a WaterForce boom can reduce water consumption by 20% compared with raingun systems.  High flow rates allow faster retraction enabling larger areas to be covered in less time.  Controlled droplet size reduces soil damage.  Large droplets can also be selected to reduce drift while fine droplets can be used to minimise damage to very delicate crops.
  • Lower pressure operation helps reduce pumping costs and puts less strain on the pipelines.  The boom sprinklers will operate at low pressures (0.6 - 4.0 bar) (10psi - 60psi) and can apply from 14 to 50 cubic metres per hour (50gpm to 180gpm).


Ranging in size from 18 metres to 40 metres and allowing lane spacings from 18-48 metres.  For ease of operationg the booms are transported on the reel and a fixed lift system has been developed to transport the boom safely. 

WaterForce mounted booms are designed to suit OCMIS hose reels from 75mm OD hose up to 125mm OD hose.  Optional blanking plates with or without end sprinklers allows the boom width to be reduced to avoid awkward obstacles.