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There's No Replacement for the Best (Trust Valley Genuine Parts)

27 June 2018

Written by Valley Irrigation  | Jun 21, 2018

Every crop has stages when proper irrigation is essential for the best possible yield: Germination. Emergence. Tasseling.

Keeping your pivots running is always important, but even more so during those critical times. No matter what brand or type of pivot is over the crop, the best way to assure your pivot is running is with the best in the industry: your local Valley dealer and Valley Genuine Parts.

Genuine Parts and Quality Service Contribute to Top Yields

“It’s all about longevity,” said Kenneth Bracht, Valley Irrigation Senior Director of Global Aftermarket Parts. “Valley Genuine Parts are the premier in the industry and include our unparalleled, American-made drive trains. Valley center drives come with the industry’s best warranty – eight years full parts and labour – and irrigators can rest assured their pivots will be serviced correctly through their Valley dealer.”

Valley parts are often used on other brands of pivots and irrigation systems because of their extended life, and Valley dealers are trained on all brands of pivots.

“Our Valley service providers are the best trained and most skilled in the industry,” Bracht said. “They can handle service on just about anything. They’re smart, good people, and they’re fully invested in providing the right irrigation solutions to their customers.”

Improve the Efficiency of Your Irrigation Systems through Conversion

Growers can use Valley Genuine Parts for maintenance and longevity, but they can also change the way their pivots operate. For example, changing their oil hydraulic pivots to electric is relatively simple with the Valley oil hydraulic conversion package:

  • Collector ring
  • Tower boxes
  • Base beam
  • Wheel gear boxes
  • Center drive gear motor
  • Control Panel

When all their pivots are on the same power system, growers can save even more time and money by making the simplest control panel conversion. The Valley ICONX smart panel easily brings any control panel – including all major pivot brands – into the AgSense or BaseStation3 network by taking control of the existing panel and using its circuits.

“Using that one platform makes so much economic sense for growers,” Bracht says. “It saves time, fuel, money and a lot of hassle to have consistent control during those critical growing periods. It gives growers the power to know exactly what’s going on with their pivots, so they can make informed decisions and ensure proper irrigation at the right times.”

Valley Is … Second to None

Trent Angell has worked for Golden West Irrigation, a Valley dealership located in Rexburg, Idaho, since 1984. He has seen cheap, fly-by-night competitors come and go.

“Valley never cuts corners when it comes to parts,” he said. “They’ve got strict regulations for service and parts. Whenever Valley makes a modification, they involve service techs out in the field. They’ve always tested it, or they won’t sell it.”

The Valley gearbox. Built strong. Built to last. 

Valley gearboxes are built in the USA, and are designed to last, but Angell said there are a few growers out there who will try the cheap competitive parts. For example, they’ll buy a palette full of foreign-made gearboxes. “After about two or three years,” Angell said, “it never fails, they’ll come back to us. They’re tried of changing them out. People try it and they come back to Valley for the quality.”

The warranty for center pivots and related parts is also a factor growers should consider before settling for a lesser product for their irrigation systems. “The competition has a warranty for 8-10 years,” Angell said. “I tell growers they shouldn’t be concerned about that. Everything should last through the warranty period. They should be concerned about 15-20 years, and nothing is as reliable as a Valley.”