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The Valley Gearbox is the best in the Industry. Period

14 December 2018

The Valley Gearbox is the best in the Industry. Period

Valley products are built to last, and are whole of life products! Valley Genuine Gearboxes have been in the New Zealand market for 20+ years, but with our style of irrigation often being low application, but often high running hours, we would make claim to some of the higher running hours Valley gearboxes (we know of plenty in excess of 70,000 hours!). Valley gearboxes are more than up to the task.  Gearboxes in the New Zealand market often get a pretty tough time of things between seasonal ruts, and farming practices including fences which are a little different to other markets,  the Valley gearboxes high specifications have looked after the New Zealand grower for years, and will do for years ahead.

Also worth noting is when a Valley gearbox ages, WaterForce runs a full recondition and offers a range of exchange programs for the Valley gearbox. Unlike low quality units which are treated as "throw away" the Valley unit can be serviced, and refreshed as required by our in house teams, minimizing cost and wastage, and ensuring you have quality running gear driving your Irrigator. We also stock Valley brand and built gearboxes to fit a range of other brand of instigators - so talk to our team about system upgrades for your Zimmatic, Reinke, Bauer, Western or nearly any brand of irrigator, and we can hopefully help you minimize wastage and decrease you systems "whole of life cost" and costly in season downtime.

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