Waterforce Products

Storage & Troughs

Storage tanks are recommended as part of most stock water systems to ensure reliability of supply, especially in drought-prone areas of New Zealand.

WaterForce stocks a range of quality plastic tanks and can custom-build larger tanks when required. Depending on the elevation of your land, we will advise the best place to site your tanks, and can overcome the challenges involved in accessing any hard-to-reach sites.

Your troughs need to be suitable for your stock type and the number of animals drinking at any one time. We supply quality concrete and plastic troughs of all shapes and sizes, and will advise you on the number, size and placement of troughs to help maximise your stock productivity.

Key Features

  • Many of our troughs are specifically designed to protect the trough valve (ballcock) from damage by stock so your troughs do not overflow and waste water.
  • Robust materials are used to ensure troughs can withstand the toughest conditions and stock use.
  • Extensive warranties are provided by our manufacturers on all tanks for complete peace of mind.