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New Zealand is in a Heatwave!

28 January 2019

New Zealand is in a Heatwave!

We are all being told to expect high temperatures across NZ this week. As a company that works to help growers produce a range of food products from blackcurrants to  milk, wine to soy, avocados to carrots, weather information is critical to our clients operations.

We now have weather stations up and running around NZ, supported by SCADAfarm with growers accessing local information to help with planning and decision making on site every day!

With data accessible, consumable and shareable in a range of ways from mobile access to web dashboards and API's, our platform has something for everyone wanting to know more about local weather info. Offering current info, as well as accurate forecasts help growers direct water in to suit the season. 

Click here to see our dashboard.