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Landwise 2017- Are we ready for Automation?

19 May 2017

Landwise 2017- Are we ready for Automation?

LandWISE was formed in 1999 to co-ordinate on-farm research and development, primarily in the vegetable and arable cropping industries. In 2003, LandWISE became an incorporated society with charitable status with its prime objective being provide leadership and support for the development and promotion of sustainable  production. As part of that we have a strong agri-technology focus. Membership is open to anyone who shares our objectives.

WaterForce has been an active supporter of LandWISE for several years, and will be in attendance at LandWSIE 2017 to advance our knowledge and support of the precision agricultyure space and available to talk farmers around how water fits into the future of Precision agriculture, what we are doing now and what the future landscape for improvised water use, reduced nutrient use and improved crop yields.

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