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How Long is Too Long?

13 January 2018

How Long is Too Long?

It seems a funny time for WaterForce to talk about ‘Preventative Maintenance’ but summer is when its most important, its when your system needs to run at its smoothest, and when you and your team notice the things that need attention- you may not be thinking about off season maintenance just yet, but save this article from Valley for reading near the end of this season, before you stop irrigating and get ahead of curve with your system maintenance.

How long is too long for your center pivot or linear machine to go without being serviced or inspected? You may not think about this much when your machine is fully operating without issues. However, if you start seeing unexpected shutdowns on a machine during the peak of the season, then this would be a good indication to have your irrigation products, parts and control technology inspected by your dealer for replacements or upgrades.

With all that is going on during the growing season, it is difficult to think about what to do to prevent unexpected shutdowns or failures. That being said, when looking to possibly replace irrigation products and/or control technology, the off-season is typically the best time to do so. At this time, you likely have a better opportunity to review unexpected failures that occurred in a previous season, and then do something to mitigate them in the next growing season.

Many Valley® dealers offer a Preventative Maintenance Program to their customers after growing season ends. This program allows dealers to inspect all areas of a machine that might not have been possible during the busy season when the machine was running. Contact your local Valley dealer today to learn more about their Preventative Maintenance Program offerings.

Designed to focus specifically on each unique machine, the Preventative Maintenance Program includes a comprehensive maintenance check performed by your Valley dealer each year. These annual inspections may not only extend the life of your machine, but may also reduce the risk of downtime and costly repairs. Once the inspection is completed and discussed, it is a great time to ask your dealer about any new Valley products and possible control technology upgrades for your machine in order for it to work better for you and your operation.

Valley has introduced many ways to add new technology to existing machines at a lower cost. Don’t wait, because the time is now to take full control of your operation. By monitoring your machines from anywhere, you could save yourself time and money. Contact your local Valley dealer today to learn more!