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Heinz Watties Ltd - Centre pivot development

Heinz Watties Ltd - Centre pivot development

Heinz Watties Ltd contracted WaterForce to develop a high level irrigation system for one of the Hawkes Bay lease blocks.  The block was previously run as partial cropping/partial sheep grazing by the land owner with Heinz Watties Ltd running contract crops through the block.

For the 2011 growing season Heinz Watties Ltd saw the opportunity to further develop the block and intensify the growth return via centre pivot irrigation.

After and extensive design and pricing stage WaterForce was the selected contractor for the development, which included:

  • A centre pivot and corner arm to irrigate 54ha
  • A new Caprari line shaft pump – the line shaft option allowed the greatest variation in flow rates to suit the variable application over the next 10+ years
  • Soil moisture monitoring and flow meter telemetry for accurate monitoring of soil moisture throughout the crop development as well as managing the water and power resource

 “The iWobb sprinkler has really impressed us, using the dual sprinkler pack has allowed us to apply a very low application during plant emergence with a solid droplet sprinkler which has stood up to the wind, once crop canopy development occurs we will change nozzle packs over a three hour period and deliver a higher volume to meet crop demands which we are monitoring using the online monitoring and SCADAfarm systems”  Nigel Halpin, crop supply agronomist. 

Heinz Watties Ltd, has utilised the variation offered in the pumping system combined with a dual nozzle sprinkler pack to vary the application over the field, ranging from 3.5 – 7.5mm/sec. 

System specs

Centre pivot and corner arm irrigating 54ha

Senninger iWobb sprinklers with 10psi regulators

WSP boombacks for reduces instantaneous applications around wheel tracks

Valley Pro2 control panel for sectional field programming and sector control VRI package

Caprari line shaft pump 20-60 l/s duty range

SCADAfarm technology which includes: centre pivot control and monitoring via PC and smart device, flow rate and consent compliance monitoring and soil moisture monitoring.