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Get Your Water Meters Verified?

11 February 2019

Get Your Water Meters Verified?

Since the introduction of the RMA Measurement and Reporting of Water Takes regulations in 2010, all Regional Councils have placed requirements on water users.

These requirements impose a fixed schedule on users of ground or surface water.  Under this schedule, water-meters and associated telemetry hardware must be verified for accuracy regularly, by a suitably qualified and audited verifier.

The WaterForce verification service is set up to make compliance with these requirements simple and straightforward – taking the stress of compliance work away from the water user.

Our system recognises water meters and telemetry equipment as critical assets – as such, our focus is on keeping these assets compliant and functioning accurately.

Our verification system and equipment is Blue Tick accredited by Irrigation NZ.

Although each regional council has slightly different rules around assessments and verifications - they generally fall into the following categories:

  • Mechanical meters - potentially two years between verification's
  • Magnetic or ultrasonic-style meters - potentially up to five years between verification's
  • New meters and telemetry - usually these must be verified, and  with verification documents supplied to Council within six months of installation
  • Telemetry equipment – time frames are often matched with the meters they are attached to

Please do get in touch with your local service team now

Our helpful staff will make it easy and simple to book your verification and to keep track of your compliance requirements. 

We will help you to remain compliant, and to get the most out of your metering systems and telemetry data.  Properly managed, these can make a big contribution to the day to day management and understanding of your irrigation system.

You can find us by clicking here

Do You Know - WaterForce works with SCADAfarm and WaterCheck to supply and install all necessary telemetry hardware.  Our range of hardware enables monitoring of flow meters, tank & well levels and soil moisture.