Waterforce Products

Fixed & Solid Set Sprinklers

WaterForce supply a range of fixed sprinkler, guns and solid-set products for the landscape, recreational, agriculture, horticulture, equine and industry sectors.

Sprinklers on fixed posts are ideal for frost protection, greenhouses, vegetable production, pasture, dust suppression, wastewater dispersal, mining, industrial cooling, sports arenas (natural and synthetic turf), golf courses and landscaping projects.

The beauty of this irrigation method is you don’t need any machinery or heavy vehicles to manage the system and no major mechanical maintenance is required.

The low instantaneous application rate gives soil the best chance to absorb the moisture and high uniformity can be achieved across all areas of a paddock or field. You can isolate wet areas or spell paddocks if harvesting crops and you can cater for different soil types when designing and installing your system. No specialty parts are required so you can easily source replacement fittings, and nozzles can be easily removed and cleaned if blockages occur.

WaterForce stock sprinklers from leading manufacturers. Common sprinkler and gun technologies include components such as: rotators, wobblers, pop-ups, impact sprinklers (brass and plastic), big gun, pressure regulators and flow control nozzles.

Key Features

  • No machinery or heavy vehicles are required to manage these sprinkler systems, saving time and additional running costs.
  • Fully automated so these systems require very little labour input.
  • The low instantaneous application rate gives soil optimum opportunity to absorb the moisture.
  • High uniformity should be achieved, optimising your water usage.
  • All areas of a paddock can be irrigated for complete coverage.
  • Central control system means data can be easily collected for resource consent purposes.
  • Ability to isolate wet areas or rest paddocks if you’re harvesting crops.
  • Zone design allows you to manage varying soil types.
  • Nozzles can be easily removed for cleaning if any blockages occur.
  • No major mechanical maintenance is required, reducing long-term running costs.
  • System components are easily sourced and can be repaired (no specialty parts are required).


  • Sprinklers on raised posts may be an issue for some contractors/operators.
  • Involves a high initial capital cost for materials per hectare.
  • The initial installation is labour intensive.
  • Each lateral will require a flushing valve to remove any build-up of solids.