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Did you know that we hold full Pivots and GPS Corner Arms in stock?

11 February 2019

Did you know that we hold full Pivots and GPS Corner Arms in stock?

WaterForce is a nationwide group with branches spread through NZ.

Part of our focus as a company is to add value to our clients, and to ensure that we are supporting you with the right products for your business - no matter what crops you have.

As a Valley Pivot dealer, we have supplied hundreds of Pivots to the NZ market over the years.  Many are indented directly from Valley factories to your order, but a growing number are supplied “Ex Stock”.  What this means is we collate the pivot order and pick all the parts off the shelf from our distribution site in Christchurch, package them up and ship to site.  Every order is filled with all genuine Valley parts, and comes with warranties and an individualised sprinkler pack to suit your application.  

While “Ex Stock” is an extra step over the standard indent from the factory, we do this as a service to our customers.

Our network of suppliers is global, and NZ is a long way from any pivot manufacturing sites - so holding stock on hand for repairs and maintenance is a key part of our support of our client base.  This evolved several years ago into the “Ex stock” pivot offering.  It means we can deliver pivots and corner arms to site quickly!  The speed varies on the time of year and spec of the machine, but generally it is thought of as 4-6 weeks from order - but could be as quick as 1-2 weeks!

If you have been considering small pivots for your corners; retro-fitting a corner arm to an existing machine; or adding a machine to your system post-harvest – it’s not too late to get things up and going to make the most of the second half of this season.  Talk to your sales and design engineer about “Ex stock” pivots!
#Do you know -  we also build up all our sprinkler packs here in Christchurch.  If your sprinkler pack has become tired, we can get replacement packs out of the warehouse generally in 48hours!  Chat to your sales and design engineer about what’s right for your farm to get the most out of every drop of water!