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Where can I find your trade store?

Our trade store is open to the public Monday-Friday (plus half a day on Saturdays from September to April) on the Napier end of Pakowhai Road.

How much water do I require for irrigation?

WaterForce has four in-house designers in Hawke’s Bay who will work with you to design an effective irrigation system.

What size pump do I need for my application?

We need to understand your application, including the water source, power source and reliability you require.  WaterForce have access to a wide range of pumps and will work with you to select the best pump for your requirements.

Does WaterForce provide telemetry for flow meters and report water usage to the Regional Council (HBRC)?

WaterForce works with an in-house company called Watercheck who can monitor all water usage and will transfer this data to the council automatically for you.

Do you supply and install domestic pop-ups for lawn irrigation?

We supply quality Hunter lawn irrigation products including changeable sprinkler heads that irrigate full circle, part circle and corner strips. We are more than happy to install the system for you but equally happy to supply expert advice for those who prefer DIY.  

How can I work out my flow rate for my domestic pop up irrigation system?

You’re welcome to come into our trade store and talk to our experienced staff who will lend you a flow/pressure gauge with an instruction sheet so you can measure your own water flow & pressure. This will provide us the information we need to correctly design your irrigation system.

Can you verify flow meters?

We work closely with the local council (HBRC) to verify flow meters around Hawke’s Bay. We have a custom-built trailer unit (which is calibrated every year) and take it from property to property to easily verify all flow meters.  

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