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Advances in Irrigation Management

26 June 2018

Advances in Irrigation Management

Recently, Dr Jim Hargreaves (WaterForce Limited) gave a joint presentation alongside Simon Zander (Schneider Electric) at this year’s Irrigation Australia (IAL) conference held in Sydney. The discussion was around "Key advances in Irrigation Management and Reporting" showcasing our SCADAfarm product range as a cloud-based solution for data hosting and information distribution. 

By adopting a collaborative approach to data collection, the SCADAfarm solution seamlessly combines pivot data, flow meter data, soil moisture information (and other on-farm sensors) through Schneider's Wonderware Online platform to offer cloud - based solution to capture, host and redistribute data in a range of ways for end users and consultants. 

Jim’s presentation spoke of the challenges existing in the New Zealand market and how our cloud - based data platform is helping increase our understanding of current issues and provide solutions for irrigators moving forward.  Emphasis was given to demonstrating support tools and mechanisms that allow broad acre, horticulture and viticulture clients better tell their irrigation story, and increase the capacity to learn from past irrigation practices.