Who we are

Good business is all about resources: time, money, passion and expertise. In New Zealand, more often than not, it’s also about water.

At WaterForce we’ve been helping our customers breathe life into their land, products and livelihoods for more than 15 years.

How? By using our industry knowledge and technical expertise to provide the best water system design and technology, installation and after-sales support.

We help our agricultural customers sustainably farm their land by installing smart, cost-effective irrigation technology and the best stockwater solutions.

We help our horticultural and viticulture clients set up high-quality water-based frost protection and irrigation so their pip and stone fruit, berries, vegetables, grapes and other crops flourish.

New Zealand homeowners who want a perfectly manicured lawn and garden come to us, while parks, sports fields and golf courses all benefit from our expertise. We also supply the very best filtration systems when crystal clear drinking water is required, and handle all effluent and waste water issues no matter how big or small.

Our extensive product range comes with the most experienced and up-to-the minute advice and knowledge. And we won’t just sell you an irrigation system then disappear. Our complete end-to-end service means we’re always on hand to provide you with ongoing maintenance, monitoring and support.

WaterForce is 100% owned and operated by New Zealanders and we employ over 200 staff nationwide at 14 strategically-placed branches. Our team of highly-trained professionals, combined with our leading technology, means we’re fully equipped to help farmers, growers, businesses, communities and the green-thumbed gardeners of our nation.

We are proud to be leaders in the New Zealand irrigation industry and are always looking for ways to innovate and use the best technology, systems and designs available.

Everything we do stands the test of time. Because when it comes to water – and the skills to use it wisely – we can’t afford to waste a single drop.

WaterForce. Wise with water.