WaterForce can supply you with high-quality solutions using products from leading international manufacturers no matter what the type, size or scale of your project.

Our goal is to help you be wise with water – and helping you choose the right product for the job is what we do best.

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Water Products

Get water when, and where, you need it. Effective irrigation is often the single biggest factor in getting the results you’re after from your land.

Pivot Irrigation

Linear Irrigation

Travelling Irrigation

K-Line & Pod Irrigation

Dripline Irrigation

Fixed & Solid Set Sprinklers

Micro & Mini Sprinklers

Pop-Up Sprinklers

Water Products

Install a new stock water system or upgrade your existing one to keep your animals well-hydrated all year round.


Storage & Troughs

Filtration & Water Treatment

Flow meters

Air Valves

Water Products

Our team of home irrigation experts understand the intricacies involved in designing an irrigation system and specialise in custom solutions for gardens of all shapes and sizes, from basic to state-of-the-art systems.

Water Products

Turn your available water supply into clean, pure drinking water. We offer solutions for domestic, commercial/industrial and small community supplies.



UV Sterilisation

Water Softeners

Iron & manganese removal


Water Products

Choose the right pump to power your irrigation or stock water system. We supply and service a wide range of reliable pumps.

Solar pumps

Pumping flow meters

Pumping air valves

Water Products

Harness this valuable resource and redistribute it effectively onto your land to increase pasture production and protect the quality of nearby waterways.


Irrigation Pumps

Solids Separation & Filtration

Effluent Flow Meters

Effluent Air Valves

Water Products

Ensure the longevity of your irrigation, stock water, pumping, effluent or water treatment equipment by carrying out regular maintenance.

Water Products

We provide a complete end-to-end solution to ensure you receive the very best advice, technology, service and on-going support.