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Pip & Stone Fruit

Demand for New Zealand-grown pip fruit continues to grow. Apple exports now exceed $560m per year and reach 65 countries around the world, and are on track to reach the industry’s target of $1 billion by 2020.

Ongoing access to water is crucial to the viability of any orchard. Irrigation, frost protection and fertigation systems encourage optimum growth and help produce a quality product for both domestic and export markets.

Because annual growing and harvesting seasons are relatively short, any equipment breakdowns during this time can have serious consequences in terms of both fruit quality and staff downtime while systems are repaired.

WaterForce can design, supply and regularly maintain all the key equipment you need to grow a strong, healthy crop. We can also help you meet environmental compliance regulations by installing water meters and open channel flow measurement devices where required.

Many orchards also need to accommodate large numbers of seasonal staff on site. WaterForce can supply portable water systems and water treatment for all your temporary accommodation needs.

Water is also an important part of the packing and cool storage process. Water is often used to cool the fruit after harvest, and the medium used to transport it through the packhouse. WaterForce supplies and services the pumps, tanks, and pipe-work associated with these processes to ensure that down time is kept to a minimum and the product gets to market in its freshest form.

Case Studies

Pukekohe cropping company installs new centre pivot irrigation and fertigation system

Pukekohe cropping company installs new centre pivot irrigation and fertigation system

Jason Thomas of ST Growers had a landowner with a 110 hectare block of land...

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