Parks & Sports Fields - Travelling Irrigator

A Hard Hose irrigator, also known as a Hose Reel machine, consists of a polyethylene pipe coiled on a steel ‘cotton reel’. Attached to the pipe is either a trolley and rain gun or a boom structure with small sprinklers. The reel is stationed at one end of the field and a tractor is connected to the trolley and used to unwind the pipe from the reel and position the trolley at the opposite end of the field. Pressurized water is supplied to the reel, which drives a water turbine and gearbox to retract the trolley and irrigate the field.

WaterForce are New Zealand’s leading supplier and agent for Ocmis Hard Hose irrigators (from Modena, Italy). We stock a full range of Ocmis machines suitable for the New Zealand market. Also in stock is a range of foldable booms built specifically to suit Ocmis irrigators. The booms range in size from 24 to 64 metres (or lane spacings up to 90m) and are perfectly suited to high wind situations or clients looking for precision application.